transl8tor GP1430 FAQ

What does the transl8tor GP1430 do?

The transl8tor GP1430 is designed to allow communications between GE CARESCAPE Monitor B450 and CARESCAPE Monitor B650 patient monitors and the GE Mac-Lab/CardioLab Recorder Systems (MLCL). This translation allows the recording of data from the Carescape B450/B650 patient monitors (monitors).

What sensitive data does the transl8tor GP1430 use and store?

The transl8tor GP1430 does not use or store any uniquely identifiable information and all memory is volatile. The input is restricted to the data stream for the parameters listed on the data sheet, and is not associated with any specific patient related data. This data is immediately passed to the MLCL recorder.

Once the unit (or the Carescape monitor to which it is attached) are powered off or disconnected, all data is cleared from the GP1430.

In addition,

  • transl8tor GP1430 uses no cloud based data or services.
  • There is no connection to the internet or local network.
  • No access to GP1430 is possible from internet or local network.
  • transl8tpr GP1430 does not use or store:
    • Protected Health Information
    • Personally Identifiable Information
    • Payment Card Industry
    • Employee Information

Are there any software requirements for the transl8tor GP1430?

No, the transl8tor GP1430 is a standalone device that requires no external software.

Are there any additonal / recurring fees for use of the transl8tor GP1430?

No. The purchase price of the transl8tor unit includes everything you need to get up and running, forever.

How do I know the transl8tor GP1430 will work with my hardware?

There are restrictions on which CARESCAPE Monitors and which Mac-Lab / CardioLab units will operate with the GP1430.

This table shows the hardware and software requirements for operation.

What is included with the GP1430?

The box includes the GP1430, a USB-based CARESCAPE Monitor B465/B650 connection cable, a DB9 MLCL connection cable, self adhesive hook-and-loop, cable tie and the Installation Guide/User’s Manual.

What are the cabling options for the transl8tor GP1430?

There are two cables used to connect the transl8tor GP1430, each with unique available lengths.

  • The USB-based CARESCAPE Monitor B465/B650 connection cable, which connects the GP 1430 to the Carescape monitor and is used for power and data, has a maximum length of 6′. For most installations, a 3′ cable (which is included in the kit) is sufficient. If a 6′ cable is required, please visit the Products page to purchase a 6′ cable.
  • For the UL Listed DB9 MLCL connection cable, which connects the transl8tor to the MLCL, longer lengths are available. A 6′ cable is included with the kit, and optional longer cables are available. The length of this cable is up to 100′ when using an optional 100′ cable. We also have other lengths available, please visit the Products page to review options.

View the transl8tor GP1430 Data Sheet

View the transl8tor GP1430 Installation Guide/User’s Manual


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